Dec. 2022 – “Preterist Pastors” Conference Call Review

On December 16th, 2022 we hosted our “Preterist Pastors” Conference Call on Zoom. 

Edward Howell reminded us that “God is always doing a work. What He plants, He provides for, and produces through”. 

Maurice Rogers exhorted us that “Preterist in a vacuum is dangerous. A belief without knowing you are in Christ in erroneous”. 

Jonathan Buttry highlighted the continued problem of dogmatism in the Church, and spoke excitedly of “healthy churches” for 2023, and praised God for our local church focus. 

Michael Miano shared an exhortation regarding “God’s Gan” (Garden).
“In order to bear fruit, each gan requires ongoing care – not just from one farmer, but from everyone who farmed ganim on a particular hillside…In order for each family to have a “well watered garden”, cooperation was essential. The ganim were and and are successful only if the community works together. Without cooperation, for example, cascading water during the rainy season could break through the wall of one gan and destroy others below it”. – Ray Vanderlaan 

Which specific things – little things, big things – can we as individuals and as a faith community do to not only pray for a good harvest but to create fertile soil in which faith in God can grow, and with His blessing, provide abundant harvest for many years? 


Michael Miano publishing 2 books in 2023:

  • ‘Full Preterism: Proclaiming the Presence & Purpose of God’
  • ‘Kingdom Kings’

Holston PBU Church – April 2023 Conference in Rogersville, TN. 

Berean Bible Church – April 2023 Conference in Virginia Beach. 

The Blue Point Bible Church – October 2023 Conference in Blue Point, NY. 


Burros of Berea podcast –

Fulfilled Media –

Preterist Voice Magazine –

Fulfilled! Magazine –


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